I have created a vocabulary with over a hundred terms on three levels (parent/child/child) and used Taxonomy Menu to create a custom menu. Selecting a menu item brings up a default menu page with the description and a list of teasers of content that has the vocabulary term in a field. I would like it to use a view to manage the content display. IS there a way to direct the menu items to a view? I cannot find a way to change the link generated by the taxonomy menu module.

Edit to clarify the question: Taxonomy menu generates a user defined menu block that will call up the taxonomy term selected. Unfortunately it locks the path (so it can regenerate the menu from the vocabulary if it changes). I am looking for a way to generate the menu but change the path to display the view rather than the term page offered by taxonomy menu.

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If I understand well your question, I think that you can show your menu with the Expose Filter fature of Views:

first add the filter related with your taxonomy:

Add filter criteria

then select the type of your menu (for example: dropdown) to expose:

Configure extra settings for filter

and finally, you can expose these filter to visitors, to allow them to select terms to see just the content related:

Expose this filter option

I hope I have understood, and that information be useful. Here is an example of the view with results according a selection:


  • Thanks, it is a good answer for exposing the terms. Please see my edit to the question for more info.
    – Ashlar
    Oct 27, 2011 at 16:47

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