I have a paragragh which has 3 font colors throughout it, however every time I try to add the spans inside the paragraph CKEditor takes it upon it's self to remove them on me. How do I get the spans to stay inside the paragraph?

I save this:

<p>Have <span class="lt-blue-txt">TROUBLING SYMPTOMS</span> and health concerns taken over your life? <span class="white-txt">Muse can help</span>.</p>

but it turns into this:

<p>Have TROUBLING SYMPTOMS and health concerns taken over your life? Muse can help.</p>

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Did these links not help:


"If you are using the CKeditor module then there is an option in Advanced Options that is also mentioned in the module homepage where you should set"

or: Prevent WYSIWYG+CKEditor from stripping html classes "There is an issue with CKEditor 4.1+, which has a feature called Automatic Content Filter (ACF) that will automatically strip attributes not defined for the editor"

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