I am using the Menu block module to create menu blocks and have them attached to the menu in Drupal 7. I am also using the Context module to display the menu and items on different pages.

I have a certain menu item that I want only to be visible with certain user roles. I have created a context for the page (based on "path") that linked to the menu item and have selected the administrator role as a condition and selected require both (path and user role).

Using a non-admin test user I can still see the menu item (It should be hidden). When I click on it the page content doesn't show but the menu item is still visible to the user.

How do I use Context to hide the menu item as well.

Thanks in advance

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you could hide it programatically

function YOURTEMPLATE_menu_alter(&$items) {

 global $user;

  if (in_array('anonymous user', $user->roles)) {
  unset($items['user/%user/profile']);   // example link


This will hide that menu item for anonymous users.

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