I know that using hook_menu_link I can add classes to the <li> tags but I need to add a class to the <a> tags within the <li> of a menu. I've looked and can't find a way.

Any ideas?


You can do it from hook_menu_link. You want to access the $vars['element']['#localized_options']['attributes']['class']

Something like this

$element = $vars['element'];
$element['#localized_options']['attributes']['class'][] = 'your-class';
$output = l($link_text, $element['#href'], $element['#localized_options']);

Then return the $output in the <li>. Be sure to account for $vars['element']['#below'] if you have a sub-menu.

  • Thank you, forgot to post that I found the same solution. – Ash Ahmadzadeh Jan 6 '15 at 20:26
  • Just a correction. It's a theme_menu_link not hook_menu_link. – jiv-e Mar 6 '15 at 14:54

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