Views Slideshow on Drupal 7 has a feature that can “Activate Slide and Pause on Pager Hover”. How can I add link on Pager, so when click, it actually link Pager to original piece of content?


Having a look at the views slideshow code it seems that all the sections of the views slideshow are easily themed.

In the views slideshow module there is a themes folder with template files that can be overridden.

Though there is not a template file for the pager, instead there is a function in the file views_slideshow.theme.inc. The function you are interested in is probably theme_views_slideshow_pager_widget_render($vars) and this can be overwritten.

In your themes template.php copy and paste this function and rename it to MYTHEME_views_slideshow_pager_widget_render($vars), (replacing MYTHEME with the name of your theme).

You should then be able to modify it in any way you like.

  • its good to know this but I'm looking for something that can be done within Views setting
    – CocoSkin
    Jan 13 '15 at 14:34

I found out it actually can be very simple in Views setting.

  1. add a "Content:Path" field. Set this "Exclude from display" and check "Use absolute link" on Rewrite results.
  2. add another field that use for pager. I use "Content: pagericon" as my example .
  3. Set this Pager field exclude from display and insert "[path]" as Link path Replacement patterns on "Output this field as a link".
  4. back to the Format settings for Slideshow. Check the "Pager" under Top or bottom Widgets with "Pager fields", and check a field that use for pager. (I use "Content: pagericon" as my example)

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