Is there a module that changes the user URL from "user/1" to "user/username"?


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Pathauto does exactly that.

All new user aliases generated after enabling the module will look like users/[user:name] (obviously this could be changed in module configuration - Configuration / URL aliases / Patterns).

You can use "Bulk update" to generate aliases for already existing users (and other type of content).


You can use the PathAuto module to create an alias for every user.Your alias pattern would be able to include the username in its pattern. If you want the aliased path to be the primary url then you can also use GlobalRedirect to make user/id redirect to user/username


You can always use the Me Aliases module. It doesn't matter what user is logged in; they can use "user/me" to access their own accounts.


I am not sure if there's an individual module for that purpose, but I guess you could take a look at Drupal's url() method or hook_url_inbound_alter() to help your purpose.

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