I know this can be done through jQuery alone, but I'm interested in knowing if there any Drupal 7 ways of achieving this:

I want to use AJAX to serve all non-admin pages on my site. Also I don't want it to just replace parts of a page, but load entire pages over AJAX. The AJAX Framework allows loading partial contents over AJAX based on various triggers. But I want to make a URL based navigation system.

Here are the things I want to accomplish:

  • Redirect http://example.com/node/1 to http://example.com/#!/node/1. So search engines can index the node normally.
  • Drupal reads the string from URL (node/1) and fetches the relevant string in json format.
  • Insert the resulting data into page and replace existing content.
  • Refreshes blocks that should appear on the corresponding page.
  • Refreshes title in browser (optional).
  • Needs to work with Panels.

If I create a new module, what functions and/or frameworks in Drupal can I use to make this work?




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I'm searching also a solution to do that. I would like to allow users to choose witch content type is displaying in a region.

I started by create one block by region and inside I put different functions like the following one to get different content.

node_view_multiple(array($node->nid => $node), $display_type); // To get a node.
module_invoke($module, 'block_view',$delta); // To get a block.
panels_mini_block_view($minipanel_name); // To get a mini panel.

Now, with the CSS ID of the block, I will try to refresh them using AJAX link. I think I will have to override all the links of Drupal to somethings like main/nojs/#div_region_id/[drupal-url] (e.g. main/nojs/block-content/node/1) and add them a class="use-ajax".

The management what is refresh will be in ajax_callback_response().

$commands[] = ajax_command_html('#block-content', $output );
$page = array('#type' => 'ajax', '#commands' => $commands);

Another way may be also with the Content page module.

  • Thanks @jonathan. My aim is similar to what the Asynchronous module does for Drupal 6, i.e., rewrite all drupal links on the fly and pull in data from Drupal through JSON.
    – kaustavdm
    Commented Nov 15, 2011 at 12:55
  • The Services module can also be an option. I have not tried it though.
    – kaustavdm
    Commented Nov 15, 2011 at 12:58

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