I wonder if there is a good, and easy way to get all fields of an entity.

I have a taxonomy vocabulary. Its terms have a special field I want to make list in a select box in one of my modules, so that users can select a special value of the term. Therefore, I need a way to list the possible fields for this term.

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The function you are looking for is field_info_instances().

Retrieves information about field instances.


Drupal 7

You may try:

  $info = entity_get_property_info($entity_type);
  $info += array(
    'properties' => array(),
    'bundles' => array(),
  // Add all bundle properties.
  foreach ($info['bundles'] as $bundle => $bundle_info) {
    $bundle_info += array('properties' => array());
    $info['properties'] += $bundle_info['properties'];

Or if you have Entity module installed, then try:


Drush commands (one of these):

drush eval "var_dump(entity_get_all_property_info('node'));"
drush eval "print var_export(array_keys(entity_get_all_property_info('node')));"

Can also use the function : field_info_field_map()

In place of returning entities going down to fields, it starts from field and go down to entities. That second one is fine to see where fields are going, whereas field_info_instances() shows how entities are built.

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