In "Administration > Structure > Menu," I disabled the "My account" link, but the theme is still showing it.


I took the screenshot after disabling the link, closing the overlay, and clicking the "reload" button of the browser; still the link is show, even if it is disabled.
Why is it happening?

If I disable the "Log out" link that doesn't appear anymore.


Why is the "My account" link so special? More importantly, how can I disable it?


I could disable it by clicking "edit" and then unchecking the "enable" box.

  • I was disabling it from the page that I have shown in the screenshots, and it was not working. I didn't think of disabling it from the edit page; I took that the effect should have been the same. – kiamlaluno Oct 29 '11 at 17:36

This is a known bug and is already discussed a lot:



Quick fix would be to create a new menu and add that in your template.


In my case the menu item of the user profile was always marked as disabled in the settings. As administrator I could always see the menu item on the front end, other users could never see it. In this answer I found a workaround with the module menu_token and setting the path to user/[current-user:uid].

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