I wanted to update a field that is not seen by the user, but I would turn off and on (boolean) quite a lot (and for thousands of nodes). I initially used field_attach, but this had the unhappy effect of removing a file that was also attached to the node (this is a drupal bug).

It took a lot of searching, but I found the solution combining a couple of other peoples snippets. I put it below so hopefully may save someone some time.

For the record: Apparently it is bad practice to edit fields directly like this, however, I really needed to for this use case and I have yet to find any issues. You have been warned!


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function common_update_db($entity_id, $field_name, $value, $clear_cache) {
  foreach (array('data', 'revision') as $table) {
    $result = db_update('field_'.$table.'_'.$field_name)
            $field_name.'_value' => $value,
  if ($clear_cache) {
    cache_clear_all("field:node:" . $entity_id, 'cache_field');

This will update the field and the revision field. If you send clear_cache = TRUE, it will also clear that nodes cache. This only works for *_value fields and nodes, but it's easy to modify.


common_update_db(1234, field_run_cron, 1, TRUE);    

on node 1234, set field_run_cron value to 1 and clear the cache for immediate visible effect to the user.

common_update_db(1234, field_run_cron, 0, FALSE);    

on node 1234, set field_run_cron value to 0, don't clear cache as the user doesn't see this field anyway.

  • Thank you - this solution worked for me. I know you're not supposed to update a node's field in this way, but I haven't noticed any negative effects yet and node_save() is just not an option when dealing with > 1000 nodes. Jan 3, 2018 at 21:33

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