This question pertains to a Drupal 7 multi-site install. As a test for some future backup/migrate bash scripting that I am doing for work, I made a backup/dump of my test site postgres DB. I then dropped the DB and recreated it with the same (old) name. I then restored the DB from my backup. I did not touch any files. I thought everything had worked out well, except I have an error that I cannot figure out:

Call to undefined function user_access() in .../includes/menu.inc on line 634.

Things I've tried:

  • As a sanity check, I made sure that User module was in my core files and that user_access was defined in user.module
  • Checked out the restored database in pgAdmin, made sure that user 0 (anonymous user) was still there
  • Truncated any table starting with '_cache':

    Truncate table prefix_cache;
    Truncate table prefix_cache_block;
    Truncate table prefix_cache_bootstrap;
    Truncate table prefix_sessions;  
    Truncate table prefix_cache_field;
    Truncate table prefix_cache_filter;
    Truncate table prefix_cache_form;
    Truncate table prefix_cache_image;
    Truncate table prefix_cache_menu;
    Truncate table prefix_cache_page;
    Truncate table prefix_cache_path;
  • Checked the system table and disabled, checked and re-enabled various modules including user module via the 'status integer' value/col. (I'm not sure if this is the way to enable and re-enable modules in the DB).

  • Tried to install Drush on my server but file permissions are very restrictive. It seems that Drush has limited abilities. Drush can only clear its own cache even after I setup an alias for the site in question.
  • Created a 'modules' directory inside of the site's multi-site directory and copied the user module out of core and put it there.
  • Tried the export using utf8 as the encoding of the DB and re-importing (no change in error)

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Here are few tips:

  • make sure your Drupal core has all the files in the right place (especially user module),
  • upgrade your Drupal core to the latest version (drush fr && drush up drupal)
  • clear all your caches (drush -y cc all), including your memcached (killall memcached),
  • rebuild your registry by using Registry Rebuild,
  • if you're using modules which are implementing drupal_bootstrap() (such as Secure Site), disable them,
  • try disabling your PHP cache engines (such as XCache, Zend optimizer) to see if that's the problem,
  • use XDebug and generate a trace file to analyse the code execution,
  • or use IDE debugger, breakpoint on the failing line and check why the function doesn't exist,
  • test it on different environment/machine,
  • eventually restore your database from the point where it was working before.

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