Suddenly I have lost track on my new build D7 German/English site. Nothing I attempt seems to work. I will tell more about the problems below but I think its hard to help me there as long as I am not sure if the base is correct. So, my concrete question is:

How should the mainmenu of a bilingual D7 site look like, i.e. is there only one main menu and the translations of the links can just be seen after clicking on them?

About Us

Or should there be a menu tree for German and another one for English?

About Us
Über uns

(Both is possible and I am still strugelling to understand if this is a bug or a feature. See Why are there so many different ways to translate menus?)

Well, here are some of the problems I thought I overcome and which now seem to be everywhere on my site:

  1. Sometimes, a translated site appears as an item on its own in content list, sometimes the translation seems to be stores in the main language item.
  2. On some pages I may not click on English although there exists a translated version of the site although it should be linked as far as I see.
  3. If a link works, the bread crump path differs from the real path:


Start / Über uns / Karriere


Home / Jobs

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I figured out that a correct localized main menu should be bilingual or multilingual and therefore look like this:

Home About Us -Team -Jobs Start Über uns -Mitarbeiter -Karriere Infographic (EN: Infographic, DE: Infografik)

The possibility to save localizations inside of the node (my possibiliy 1 in the question) are for pages that are not necessary to translate (e.g. they show only a infographic, as in my example above) but the links pointing to them.

Hope this helps other people with this question.

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