Until recently I've only been doing mainly superficial support on a website. But now the question has been asked to revert the server the website runs on, to a few months ago. The website is Drupal, but runs in IIS with a Microsoft SQL database instead of MySQL. Now, I've never done a backup/restore procedure from a website, nor do I know what the risks are or what needs to be done. I was looking at https://www.drupal.org/node/22281, but I still don't feel wise/secure enough to know what I'll be doing. The main problem for me is; I need to keep the content of the website as it is now, but I don't know for certain where this is located/stored. The database? Changes in files haven't been done to the website as far as I'm aware, so I hope this won't amount to a problem.

Basically what I'm asking is; is there a way to be certain that a rollback of an entire server and then a restore of content wouldn't amount to any difficulties?

Any general (or specific) information would be much appreciated, Thanks

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You can find the database information in your settings.php file.

A simple export of that database should allow you to capture the site as it exists currently, then when you get the server reconfigured you can simply import the exported database.

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