I want to know where and how to plug/hook into profile 2, so that when the user updates a specific profile ("new_profile"), that this then fires off a chunk of custom php code. The event must only be fired off IF validation passes. Which leads me to believe that I can't really just add another submit handler.

How would I be able to fire off this "second update" to a seperate database, if I only want to hook into the part after validation has passed?

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Every module which exposes hooks are documented in module *.api.php file. In your case it's just hook_profile2_update .

* Respond to a profile being updated.
* This hook is invoked after the profile has been updated in the database.
* @param $profile
*   The $profile that is being updated.
* @see hook_entity_update()
function hook_profile2_update($profile) {
    ->fields(array('extra' => $profile->extra))
    ->condition('pid', $profile->pid)

Refer http://cgit.drupalcode.org/profile2/tree/profile2.api.php for more details.

  • This would work too, but I ended up adding an extra "submit" handler when the profile gets updated. Works just as well. Jan 14, 2015 at 5:41

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