Is there an Drupal API to check whether a user is currently logged in or not, based on the user ID, such as is_user_login($uid)?


No, there is no function like is_user_login($uid), but you can see how the core block "Who's online" is created (source).
Drupal has a "sessions" table, where all current sessions are stored.


Drupal doesn't have such function, but you can use code similar to the following one.

function mymodule_user_logged_in($uid, $delay = 900) {
  $interval = REQUEST_TIME - $delay;
  return (boolean) db_query("SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT s.uid) FROM {sessions} s WHERE s.timestamp >= :timestamp AND s.uid = :uid", array(':timestamp' => $interval, ':uid' => $uid))->fetchField();

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