I want to expose in a block the number of content type published by the current user. I know we can write a query, but is there any other method to do it?

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You can use the Views module to do this.

  1. Create a new view
  2. Remove sort options, fields and other default settings
  3. Add a field for "Content: Type"
  4. Expand the "advanced" part on the right and set "Use aggregation" to "Yes"
  5. Add yet another field for "Content: Type"
  6. On the second "Content: Type" field, click "Aggregation settings"
  7. Set the aggregation type to "count"
  8. The second "Content: Type" should now look like "COUNT(Content: Type)"

THIS IS NOT MY SOLUTION LOOK HERE: Count of nodes by type


The two ways that come to mind are to write a custom query as you suggest, or use the Views module to create a block with the content you need.

Views essentially provides a UI for creating custom queries that you can then automatically add to a block/full page/etc.

Depending on your level of PHP/MySQL experience it may actually be easier to write the query yourself...Views has a fair bit of a learning curve although there are a lot of tutorials out there if you search on Google.

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