create an automatic excel extract of all requests and send it a specific email address every day.

How would I do this? Is there any existing Module to do this in Drupal 7?


You could create a view that shows the days submissions, use the data export module to convert it to excel, filter it by day (currrent day). Use rules module to send an email (not sure how to attach it, may need to send link). Not sure if this would work exactly how you need it.

  • I did tried to make a view but I can't achieve it. Do you have some example to show how to make it ? – webmaster pf Feb 13 at 9:06

There is a module for this: Webform Scheduled Export

From the project page:

Allows you to schedule a webform submission export to run at a set point in time and repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The exports use all the options available to Webform's "Download" tab and they're attached to the email sent to the configured users.


I'm interested in for a D6 view. Do you have some views example to build the xls exported file ?


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