I have nodes coming in via FeedAPI and direct user submission, and I've got comments. A client requires me to check incoming nodes against a watch list of keywords. The posts and comments don't need to be blocked, because the watch list is fairly expansive (~1000 words but many are very context dependent). Rather, I need to be able to check the contents of a post or comment against the list and set a flag that triggers a notification to a moderator, who will manually review the content.

Is there a module that can help me with this? Barring a module, I could use a few clues to get me started on this, e.g.

"To check the content on a newly published node or comment, you could do these things."

"To flag based on a hit, you could do this thing."

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    We resolved it with a rule using custom PHP: We built a regexp around the blacklist, evaluated the node content against the regexp, and we send notifications to our compliance team if the PHP returns true. – mph Nov 22 '11 at 20:59
  • There's also the "Text comparison" Rules condition, which may be helpful, too. – jamix Dec 27 '13 at 10:44

Look at hook_node_xyz (d7) or hook_nodeapi (d6) to add code after node save or update.


I hope you are using D6 because most related modules are not released in D7 yet. Here is an overview.

Spam module hasn't been ported yet either. Mollom is more of an automated service solution, don't think you can use your custom word list with it.


Have you looked at the Search ApI for SolR module? I have not worked with it, but I have read a bit on it. SOLR search works on the Apache Database (if that is what you are using) and the module links it into Drupal.

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