I'm attempting to create a pie chart views block with Google Chart Tools. It has multiple fields with numeric values for each field. The column chart of it works great, as shown in this screenshot:

Column Chart

But for some reason the corresponding pie chart always displays only one of those fields (with 100%), as shown in this screenshot:

Pie Chart

What am I doing wrong?


Try rearranging the fields in the views settings under "Fields" section. While you are there, you may also try use a different group field in Google Chart tools format settings under "format" section.

  • I've tried that, but to no avail. I think what's happening is that the module is expecting 1 x value and one y value; x being the race and y being the proportion of the whole. The problem is that each race is a separate field with the percentages manually inputed in the content. So instead of seeing 2 categories, the chart sees 5 and does not know what to do.
    – Edward
    May 7 '15 at 19:14

This question seems a variation of the question about How to create a Pie chart using views google chart tools ... That question has an answer which contains the following as a possible solution (or workaround?):

... What resolved the issue for me was casting the values in php to integer with intval(). Apparently the CulumnChart visualization is forgiving, while the PieChart is not when it comes to values other than intergers.

So if you can come up with a way to also transform your numeric values, it may be a solution (or at least a work around) for this question too.


I’m the developer of the Drupal Flot module. It has a Views formatter that renders pie charts, and should be able to accomplish this...If you’re OK changing to a different charting module.

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