I am trying to implement hook_search_api_multi_query_alter but it seems 'IN' operator does not work here. I have to check condition on array. Any pointers for start building custom operator.

function my_module_search_api_multi_query_alter(SearchApiMultiQueryInterface $query) {
$indexes = $query->getIndexes();
if (isset($indexes['solr_content_index_dev'])) {
  $query->condition('solr_content_index_dev:nid', array(2918, 2367), 'IN');


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Maybe this trick will help you. You can go upstream and implement hook_query_alter instead

function yourmodule_query_alter(&$query) {
if ($query->hasTag('search_api_db_search')) {
        $is_search = FALSE;
        //only run for the query that really matters to you. Try to find something unique in this
          foreach ($tables as $table) {
            if ($table['table'] == 'search_api_db_your_important_table'  ) {
              $is_search = TRUE;

          if ($is_search) {
            //use query functions normally eg.
            $query->innerJoin('search_api_db_your_table', 'custom_table', "custom_table.item_id = t.item_id");
  • search api in my case using apache solr.
    – arpitr
    Jan 22, 2015 at 10:58

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