I want to do a raw dump of a single node's data with Drush, for testing purposes and just to inspect a node fast. Similar to getting a variable with "drush vget". Here is a PHP equivalient:

drush php-eval "print print_r(node_load(243271), 1)";

Only, I'd like it to be simplified to be like:

drush nget 243271;

Is there a command like that already?


Install this set of Drush tools to either your $HOME/.drush directory or within your project.

Drush Entity

Brief examples from the project page are:

drush entity-read node 3  |  less

#read in json format
drush entity-read node 3 --format=json

drush entity-type-read user

drush entity-type-read node --fields=label

drush entity-type-read user node --fields=label,bundles/*/label,drush/count


For legacy Drupal6 support of viewing what a Node contains consider using Node Export via the command line and drush, possibly using the --pipe command to Linux Less command.

  • I'm embarrassed to ask... but do you know of something that works in D6? – Gavin Jan 22 '15 at 23:30
  • The Node Export [drupal.org/project/node_export] module works with D6 and can use Drush as well (drush supports D6). It has various output formats like JSON and CSV for example. I recommend tagging posts here with the version number of drupal your inquiry is about. I just assume questions are about the most current stable/supported version of drupal if it is unspecified. – tenken Jan 22 '15 at 23:54

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