is it possible to create a menu item that links to the node that references the current user? I can create a more or less suitable solution with views: a page that contains the referenced node but it'd be more user friendly if the menu link contained the URL of this node.

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Try Menu token

Menu Token module provides tokens, that could be used in title or in path of menu items (links). For example, if you create a menu item with path: "user/[current-user:uid]", the url will be changed "on fly" to: "user/1" (assuming you are user 1).

Tokens are provided by Token module. Menu Token allows to use both global tokens and entity ones: node, user, term, etc. Entity tokens have several methods of substitution: from context, random and user defined.

If that does not work, you will have to do a custom redirect, either in code or using page manager (part of ctools)

  • Thanks a lot. As far as I see, Page Manager should do the job but I couldn't make it recognise the user reference field so far.
    – StG
    Jan 24, 2015 at 19:12
  • Thanks again. Finally I managed to fix the custom page created by the Page Manager: I created a Views context which provided the necessary node ID.
    – StG
    Jan 26, 2015 at 12:30

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