I want to create a menu in footer looking like:

    MODA            ELEKTRONIKA        USŁUGI            (1)
-----\/-----      ---------------    ----------     

Odzież         Buty        Sport             Dodatki     (2)

Crapp          Exco        The South Race    Vista       (3)
Horse          Gojas       Goo Snort         Ray-Bahn
Deserved       Dojczman    Basics            Chino Russi
Nara           Nice
Mosquito       E-book

It consists of:

  1. Tabs - each tab contains its own columns
  2. Columns - each column contains its own menu links
  3. Menu links

All of them should be managed from admin panel. How to achieve it? I installed enter link description here QuickTabs but editing such menus may last very long. QuickTabs module lets you to manage tabs but how to manage columns and links? You can create multiple-level menus. However, column headers should NOT be clickable.

Is it possible to do it using existing modules or should I create my own module?

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