I am new to learning jQuery and JavaScript. I have small task that is becoming hard to solve.

On step one of a checkout form #ps-cart-checkout-form, I have to disable <div class="button">Next</div> when cart table is empty or emptied by clicking an "X" image in cart table row So that user does not go forward. Button's location and HTML is:

<div class="small-right">
<span class="page">Side <span class="current">1</span>/2</span>
<div class="button">Next</div>

Cart table (.table-cart) when having one or more products it contains <thead> tag but when empty the <thead> becomes <tbody> with one row <th> in it.

My approach:

I have tried to create a module that add js on hook_form_alter. and in js file. I have created :

(function ($) {
Drupal.behaviors.myModule = {
  attach: function (context, settings) {
      var $form = $("#cart-checkout-form");
      if($($form.find("thead").lenght == 0) {
        $(".button").unbind( "click" );


With above code I am trying to find out if there is no <thead> that means table is empty and therefore above code should disable the click next button. There already having a jQuery code that handles click event on Next div.

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What module are you using for the cart?

you can also use preventDefault() function to stop the page from loading to the next page.

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