I'm making a site that has three different content types. I would like a Main-Menu link to each content type. Additionally, I would like each of these three pages to list recent nodes for that content type, with a link to to that node. I would think this is pretty standard.

So I've created the content types, and I can click directly to each content type, but I do not know what the "best practice" would be to create these pages. I could create an override of node--mycontenttype.tpl.php but is this the right way to go? How would I link to the general page (instead of the specific node)?

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There are many ways to do this. A simple way would be to create a view for each content type and then create menu items for each of them.

  • oh derp - I forgot you could create views as actual pages, not just blocks. Thanks so much.
    – Tim
    Commented Nov 2, 2011 at 4:13

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