In a taxonomy I have some fields for the terms. To print out 1 of these fields in a node.tpl I found this code:

<?php $term=taxonomy_term_load($node->field_hotel_tx_atmosphere['und'][0]['tid']);
print render($result); ?>

But this way I get only the first value - there are multiple terms selected.

How can I get all selected terms printed out?


0 in $node->field_hotel_tx_atmosphere['und'][0]['tid'] means that you are taking only first term so you should loop through array to get all terms.

I recommend entity_metadata_wrapper (available with Entity API module):

$wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('node', $node);
foreach ($wrapper->field_hotel_tx_atmosphere->getIterator() as $delta => $term_wrapper) {
  // prepare and render field value:
  $result = field_view_field('taxonomy_term', $term_wrapper->value(), 'field_tx_headline', 'text');
  print render($result);

or build a View to display selected data in the right way.

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  • Thank you, zaporylie, it works. But it renders all terms in 1 line. I'd like to have every single term in a div or span. – deelite Jan 27 '15 at 15:32
  • I got it: <?php $wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('node', $node); foreach ($wrapper->field_hotel_tx_accomondation->getIterator() as $delta => $term_wrapper) { $result = field_view_field('taxonomy_term', $term_wrapper->value(), 'field_tx_headline', 'text'); print '<li>' . render($result) . '</li>'; } ?> – deelite Jan 27 '15 at 15:58

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