I am using Pathauto. When I deleted a piece of content, I was surprised to find that its url alias was still mapped to the now-nonexistent content (node/xxx).

How can I have this alias and System name mapping removed automatically when the node is deleted?

Edit: I want to keep the Update action set to "Do nothing. Leave the old alias intact.", because I don't want paths to change when nodes are adjusted. However, it doesn't make sense to keep a path around if the node was deleted completely. Can I have both options somehow?

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You can use hook_node_delete:

function hook_node_delete($node){
    // Delete alias.
    $path = path_load(
      array('source' => 'node/'.$node->nid)


You can update aliases here, or on the node


or bulk update a whole bunch here


based on an alias pattern change set here


I imagine the reason it "Seems" like an alias didn't delete is because it have forwarding to another alias in a sort of chain. Drupal does clean up alaises on content delete, ou can do a simple test and see it happen. But if you have alaises chained it only seems to delete the final alais and leave the others. I think if you update you "update actions" you can minimize the number of extra alaises created.

Go here and find the section called "Update action" /admin/config/search/path/settings

You have three choices of what to do when an alais changes

  • Do nothing. Leave the old alias intact.
  • Create a new alias. Leave the existing alias functioning.
  • Create a new alias. Delete the old alias.

Also based on there advice "Considering installing the Redirect module to get redirects when your aliases change."

I hope this helps ans isn't off base but I faced similar issue on a site with 500k items and the clean up was a serious issue. Best of luck!

  • Lots of info in this answer, but I've looked through all those options. Still don't see anything that answers the question. Commented Feb 3, 2015 at 0:27

You can update the path aliases here in the Admin > Config menu: admin/config/search/path/update_bulk

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    This neither removes the mapping nor is automatic... Commented Jan 27, 2015 at 19:56

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