Is there a way redirect users after they cancel their accounts? I've configured my site to allow users to cancel their accounts without e-mail confirmation, but I want to be able to redirect them to a "goodbye" page to reassure them that their account was in fact cancelled.

In user_cancel(), though, account cancellation is performed with the Batch API. I tried adding a drupal_goto() after the call to batch_set($batch), but this forces the goto and the batch processing is not performed.

How can I redirect non-admin users after they cancel their accounts?

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There are two fine ways to do it :

  1. With Rules : If you have installed it already then you must use this. Select the event "After a user account has been deleted". Check the conditions you want and add action "Page Redirect".
  2. With Hook : Write a hook_user_delete and add drupal_goto in your condition.

You mention batch and the profile/cancel form.

Taking a look at the Batch API docs, we see that when called via form, FAPI will handle the redirect. Leading to the conclusion that you could add a submission handler with hook_form_FORM_ID_alter for the cancellation form and set $form_state['redirect'].

This would probably be advantageous over hook_user_delete &| drupal_goto, as higher weighted modules may get ignored. You could use rules but unless you're already using it elsewhere that's a bit overkill.


If I am not wrong user_cancel_confirm_form_submit() tries redirecting user to profile page after account cancelation which might end up throwing page not found. Looks like $form_state['redirect'] needs to be overridden in custom submit handler.

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