How know inside hook_entity_presave() if the entity is create or update please ? Thanks.

Note: I want use presave and not update and insert hook.

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Like this:

if ($node->isNew()) {


Note that this only works before saving, in insert/update, it will always return TRUE, because the node has already been saved and is no longer new.


In addition to the above answer, you also could check

if (!empty($node->nid)) {

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    No, that is not correct like this. This specific code snippet is always true in 8.x because $node->nid is an object. $node->nid->value or just !$node->id() would work, except in special cases when saving a new node with a predefined ID (e.g. migrations). isNew() also also much more self-speaking than that check.
    – Berdir
    Feb 1, 2015 at 20:15

An updated entity will always contain a copy of the original entity:

if (isset($entity->original)) {


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