How can I show the field_showcase_headshot field both as a picture on screen and as a download link?

Set up:

From the load tab of Devel, I have a few fields on this node.

enter image description here

The field here is Showcase Headshot. It is currently set to display on the screen as follows

enter image description here

But we'd like to include a download link to the original image in the fashion shown here.

enter image description here

That is, we'd like to append something like the following to the text on the page.

Showcase Download: headshot

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Use the Display Suite module to create a new dynamic field. On the manage display page select the field from the Node section.



There are 2 options available for this to do.

  1. By linking the image to its image path from the site. This can be achieve using a module https://www.drupal.org/project/image_link_formatter.

  2. By using download module and custom field theme formatter. In this you need to enable the download file module https://www.drupal.org/project/download_file. And than create customize the field view using the field template.

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