I am trying to add a rule for comment view for which under the actions I click on data compare.As per the tutorial, I have to click the drop down list and choose node. Data selector with options in the drop down like site,site...,node,view

Whereas when I repeat the exact same steps from the Conditions->data compare I got some lesser menu option :

the data selector has only 4 options site,site..,comment,comment..

Now my problem is that as I don't have the node option to choose how am I supposed to complete the tutorial.

This kind of missing options appear quite frequently (when I tried to add an action/replacement patterns/ I had to choose the node type whereas in the options list there was no [node:type]. Again after 24 hours when I re-try this I get the [node:type])

I don't get the reason which is causing this problem. After doing the troubleshooting steps like re-login, clear browser cache, flush cache the options list is still the same.

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As a temporary way around I have done the reinstall of 7.34 and installed all the modules from the start.This got me back the menu but I cannot do the un-install every time this problem comes. I will be losing a lot of time

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