I can't tell from the source for variable_get() for Drupal 6 whether it first looks for something in the variable table in the database, or the $conf array in settings.php.

Also, if I were to add something in some code to the $conf array, would I need to do anything in order for variable_get to see it?

global $conf;
$conf['myvalue'] = 'newvalue';

If 'myvalue' were set to 'oldvalue' in settings.php, then what would I need to do in order for $conf['myvalue'] to now return newvalue instead of oldvalue?


The function that is responsible for loading the values of the Drupal variables in memory is variable_init(), which executes the following code:

  if ($cached = cache_get('variables', 'cache')) {
    $variables = $cached->data;
  else {
    $result = db_query('SELECT * FROM {variable}');
    while ($variable = db_fetch_object($result)) {
      $variables[$variable->name] = unserialize($variable->value);
    cache_set('variables', $variables);

  foreach ($conf as $name => $value) {
    $variables[$name] = $value;

$conf, the value passed to the function from _drupal_bootstrap() is the array read from the settings.php file. The function that reads the configuration file is conf_init(), which is called from _drupal_bootstrap() before calling variable_init(). As you see in the code, the values read from the database are then overwritten with the values find in the $conf array.

Similar code is present in Drupal 7 (see drupal_bootstrap(), _drupal_bootstrap_configuration(), and _drupal_bootstrap_variables()).

The only way to use the value read from the database is to remove the value set in settings.php.

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