I have a use case where I want to use the callbacks functionality for the body field in a D6->D7 migration using migrate and migrate_d2d modules. However, according to the above-referenced docs page, this is done when you are adding a new field mapping:

$this->addFieldMapping('destination_field', 'source_field')->callbacks('my_callback');

not adding to an existing mapping. How can I add a callback to an existing mapping? Do I have to remove and then re-add the mapping, or is there another way?


With some debugging and looking at code, it turned out to be pretty easy. All of the mappings are MigrateFieldMapping objects in $this->codedFieldMappings, so it's just a matter of getting a reference to that object and calling the callbacks() method. For example, to add a callback to the body field, you would use:

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