I got a tough problem that I don’t even know how to start, any help would be appreciated.

I am on a D6 site. The Path Module is installed and there are articles that have more than one alias because the previous admin didn't overwrite the previous alias when saving the new ones.

I am doing a data migration and the migration is grabbing the old alias and not the new one.

What I need to do is find all NIDs that have more than one Path aliases, display them, delete the old one with bulk views

When I create a view to show field Path, it only displays the current one. Any thoughts how to display both aliases or any other way to tackle this.

Thanks for looking!

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As this is a one-off requirement, there's not a lot of point creating a view for this purpose, as it would mean writing code to add extra entries for path in views tables.

You will be better off writing SQL. Here's a query that'll give you what you are after:

SELECT src, COUNT(*) AS alias_count FROM url_alias WHERE src LIKE 'node/%' GROUP BY src HAVING alias_count > 1

The result will be every source path like 'node/nnn' which has more than one alias.

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