This is a combobox showing a group of product referenced.

enter image description here

I have created an extra field in product list, short_title. How do I replace the Product Title with short_title? i.e. Chicken, Turkey, Pork, … Is this possible?

I’ve also tried Inline Form Entity. The YouTube tutorial: http://youtu.be/glRM_NzNVTA?t=5m3s : When the host edited the Variation Title, the Product Title remained unchanged. However, when I do it, the Product Title changed. Is this by design or the host was using an older version of Inline Entity Form?

I know that we can create attributes, but having a variety of product types complicates the form. All I wanted: one product type and just reference a group of product in product display.

The Product Title is too long in combo, but I can't shortened that because it's important as line-item title.

Any idea or workaround?

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Instead of 'simple' selection, use a view for your entity reference. Here you can decide yourself how the title is shown.

  • How do you create a view filter and put in product display page? Could you please give me the steps?
    – Jessica K
    Feb 8, 2015 at 1:18

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