I've been using the Services module with the REST module from quite some time now.

I want to make a single PUT application/json request with an appropriate JSON raw body for it, passing more than a resource ID, instead of making different requests. So far as I read, I found I can use PUT request: http://.../resource_endpoint/resouce_name/resource_id.

  • You can only do one request at a time. Otherwise, you'll have to implement a custom service resource to handle the batch operation for you. Commented Feb 10, 2015 at 15:03

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Implement hook_services_resources().

function example_services_resources() {
  $resources = array();
  $resources['einvoice'] = array(
    'actions' => array(
      'search' => array(
        'access callback' => '_example_resource_access',
        'callback'        => '_example_resource_search',
        'help'            => 'E-invoice online checker.',
        'file'            => array(
          'type'   => 'inc',
          'module' => 'exmaple',
          'name'   => 'resources/exmaple.resource',
        'args'            => array(
            'name'        => 'input',
            'optional'    => FALSE,
            'source'      => array('data' => 'input'),
            'type'        => 'string',
            'description' => 'Put the query string to get some data.',
  return $resources;

In the example.resource.inc file, you put the functions declared in that hook.

function _example_resource_access() {
  return TRUE;

function _example_resource_search($input) {
  // To do something you want.

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