I've got several Drupal sites on different domains running on the same code using sites.php.

What I want to do is point the same domain to different sites depending on whether it's accessed via http or https.

For example, in sites.php $sites['http://www.example.com']='site1'; $sites['https://www.example.com']='site2';

However, the above doesn't work. It looks like you can't specify protocol in sites.php.



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Please read through the default example.sites.php file again. A protocol is the same thing as a port (they have a 1-to-1 relationship when we talk about a webserver).

http is implied by default in the rule describing www.example.com. http is also implied to be Port 80, otherwise known as :80 in a URI-scheme.

Your format is completely wrong for any subsite defined in $sites. From the documentation it would be:

$sites['www.example.com']='site1';   // Normal HTTP www.foo.com
$sites['443.www.example.com']='site2';  // SSL version (port 443 by default for www.foo.com)

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