I have a views of unpublished contents of content-type X, which has the Term Y.

It works fine with published content but a thing that I noticed is that if I unpublished a content that has a taxonomy term, in Views it loses the term associated with it, therefore I cannot filter my list based on taxonomy term anymore.

I also found Taxonomy Entity Index module but it doesn't work at all.

Also a related issue on drupal.org

Is there any workaround for this?


For anyone who might encounter the same issue:

It looks like that it's a common issue in D7 and unfortunately going to be in D8, but hopefully the fix will be in core for D9.

Right now we have to use TEI module as a workaround for D7 and D8.

If you are installing this module into an existing site, visit admin/config/system/taxonomy-entity-index to rebuild the Taxonomy Entity Index.

Also note that in Views there will be some new fields/filters to work with, for instance instead of Content: Has taxonomy terms in filters section of views, you should use Taxonomy Entity Index: Has taxonomy terms on Nodes and for exposing the taxonomy terms also you should use Taxonomy Entity Index: Has taxonomy terms on Nodes not the default Content: Has taxonomy terms.

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  • Sohail wrote "Right now we have to use TEI module as a workaround for D7 and D8." But here: TEI module; I see that there is only drupal 7 and not drupal 8. – Randy Skretka Sep 3 '16 at 2:12
  • For D8, the TEI module isn't ready to use in prod.But @SeanC tips work. – webmaster pf Nov 15 '19 at 10:36

"Lookup published nodes with this taxonomy term" is such a common use-case that the Taxonomy module keeps a taxonomy_index table in the database to optimize for it. This is what the Content: has taxonomy term ID views argument queries. Unfortunately, it is only for published content.

In Drupal 8, there is a workaround. Taxonomy term fields are just a special case of Entity Reference fields, which have their own views argument handler, and do not partake of this special index. So, if Content-type X has a 'Tags' field, you can build a view based around Content: Tags (field_tags), and that will include unpublished content as you'd expect.

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  • This is what helped me - to filter by a field in my content type that uses taxonomy term as entity reference. Thanks! – ant Feb 7 '18 at 17:17

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