I have a site selling edit access to specific nodes. The site uses Drupal 7, Commerce, Commerce License (selling a Role with edit permission), Rules and Flag. On the Add to Cart I have a Line Item Entity Reference where the customer selects the Node they want access to. Upon payment a 12 month license is generated and the Role with edit permissions is added to the User. That all works fine.

Here's what I need: When the payment is successful I need a Rule to trigger and set a Flag (premier_listing) on the Node that was selected during the Add to Cart process. However I can't seem to access the Node Entity in Rules or access the Line Item Entity Reference that the User selected. Anybody have an idea how this could be done? Thanks

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I believe you'll either need to access the node ID from the line item entity using a loop within the Rules UI or what I think a simpler way would be to create a custom Rule that accomplishes the same task.

Something like: Event: order is completed. I guess you could use order paid in full. Conditions: Here is where a custom condition would come into play. You'd need to dig through the order line items to the user-selected node, and then pass that node_id to the Rules action as a parameter. Note: you could also do this entire check within the action and then programmatically set the flag to avoid passing the node_id as a parameter. Actions: Set a flag on a node. (The node parameter).

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    Thanks...this helped me find the solution. After much playing around I found my field in the commerce-line-items data selector. Then added the Action - Fetch entity by ID then set the flag. I was able to change node author too in the same rule..which was also required. Rules is powerful...but you need to think like a programmer (which I'm not). Commented Feb 12, 2015 at 11:21

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