I've got a page that, in response to a button click, brings up a Bootstrap modal form. In that form is a textfield with the standard Drupal autocomplete behavior; it's working fine.

I now want to set things up so that, after a value is put into that field, another mostly-identical autocomplete field is added to the form -- the idea is to let the user specify additional values for the property being handled by this part of the form.

I've hung a jQuery blur handler off the textfield that takes the HTML that ends up in the form for the initial autocomplete form, parameterizes it a bit to avoid duplicate ID numbers, and inserts this updated field into the form when the first field gets a value. This is working fine from an HTML perspective, but the autocomplete behavior is not happening on the added form.

Minor notes:

  • After I insert the new field into the form, I re-run Drupal.attachBehaviors(), which I thought was going to make this all work. I've also added a delay to make sure the rewriting of the form is completed before attachBehaviors() is called, but that has no effect.

  • The autocomplete behavior continues to work on the original field after the new field is added to the form.

  • The blur handler that does all this stuff to the first autocomplete field is not firing when I blur control from the second, added field.

It looks like some other bit of initialization stuff needs to happen, but I have no clue what it is. Does anybody else? Thanks!


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Well, that was pretty ugly, and a LOT of guesswork is going on here. But:

When Drupal sets up an autocomplete field, it adds a hidden variable to the form, which (I'm guessing here) is used to track the status of the whole autocomplete thing. If you inspect a rendered form, it will look something like:

<input type="hidden" id="edit-field-name-autocomplete" 
      value="https://example.com/path/to/autocomplete/handler" disabled="disabled" 
      class="autocomplete autocomplete-processed">

That autocomplete-processed field seems to be the key: I had blindly copied it into my code and made it part of the field I was added to the form. Once I removed it -- autocomplete-processed, that is -- autocompletion ran properly on it and all other similar fields.

Whew. Your mileage may DEFINITELY vary.

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