Googling for "Drupal E-commerce" brings up a ton of old results, and I wanted to weed out all the garbage. I'm a regular on SO but I thought that I might get better insight/advice here.

Running Drupal 7.9 (multiple sites will be installed but running their own Drupal install), what e-commerce packages should I install (shopping cart and payment options)?
What are the pitfalls to look out for?
What theme do you suggest, that is geared towards E-commerce?

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I have not yet built an e-commerce site on D7, so I cannot get really specific.

That said, the obvious starting point for e-commerce on Drupal 7 is the Drupal Commerce package. Just start with the basic package, see if it fits your needs, and install add-ons if you need them. There even is a dedicated Drupal Commerce website with documentation, a forum and more.

There are a couple of themes that are specifically geared towards e-commerce, for instance Acquia Prosper and AT Commerce.


The Ubercart module for Drupal 6 was always a winner for me.

That said the Commerce module does look very promising but I have yet to try it out fully.

The Ubertcart module for Drupal 7 is coming along wonderfully too, so either this or the Commerce module would be suitable, but I would hint towards starting with the Commerce module as it's a dedicated Drupal 7 e-commerce solution and has some good themes to start with too as pointed out by marcvangend.


You could also try checking out Martplug. It's a complete distribution that contains Drupal Commerce and a load of other gubbins to get you off the ground! I've only played around with it, not used it in production yet..but still looks pretty neat!

With regards to themes, Omega is a great starting point (and also encompases responsive design)..and if you combine it with the Context and Delta modules then it's a surefire win!

  • Yes, +1 for Omega as base theme, even though its not specifically meant for e-commerce. Nov 4, 2011 at 14:59

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