Drupal 7.34
Media 7.x-1.4
Views 7.x-3.8

I have a generic file field. Sometimes the uploaded file is an image, and in these cases I want to render it in a View as a thumbnail.

So I do the following:

  • Go to admin/config/media/file-types

  • Choose "manage file display" next to Image

    • Pick a View Mode, let's say "Small"
    • Check the box next to the Image display
    • Pick my desired Image style from the dropdown in the display settings
  • Add the file field to my View

    • Choose "Rendered file" formatter
    • Choose "Small" view mode
    • hit Apply

…and the view puts a big blank space where the image should be.

I've checked the database, and Drupal has correctly identified my upload as image/jpeg. It opens fine in the browser.

If I choose a different formatter in the view, like Table of files or Generic file, it shows up fine.

If I choose a different formatter in the file display settings, it still shows nothing in the view.

Am I misunderstanding something? What's going on?

  • In your display precedence order, is 'Image' first (if it's not the only enabled display)?
    – thumbson
    Commented Feb 12, 2015 at 16:04

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Check admin/config/media/file-types/manage/image/display/media_small and check that File is actually being displayed and not set hidden.

  • THAT WAS IT, thank you so much! Grief, why would a display mode be set to show absolutely nothing by default? Commented Feb 12, 2015 at 16:19

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