Is it possible to set up multisite with drush including folder creation and database setup?

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For the first site:

drush qd --sites-subdir=<directory name>

For each successive site:

cd DRUPAL_ROOT_CREATED_ABOVE drush qd --use-existing --sites-subdir=<directory name>

These will create sqlite databases. Add --db-url with valid database credentials to use a pre-existing database. Also add --db-su and --db-su-pw to make Drush create the database for you.

Haven't tried some of the steps in this workflow in a while; report any problems back in the Drush issue queue. Also, you might want to use drush master instead of 6.x. There's a issue in the queue that hasn't landed yet that makes drush qd better.

UPDATE: Drush quick-drupal does not appear to be well suited for multisite usage. For subsiquent sites, call drush site-install with --sites-subdir and --db-url options. See drush help si for more information on options that may be useful here.

For example

drush si --sites-subdir=<folder> --db-url=mysql://db_user:str0n6passw0rd@localhost/db_name

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