I am very new to drupal, so, sorry for my basic question. I have tried to instal new modules and themes. The installation process went OK, I got a"successfully installed" message. But when I want to activate the new module, it does not show up on the HOME / ADMINISTRATION / MODULES list. The Update Manager module is activated, I am logged on as an administrator, I have all the rights set, but I still cannot see the newly installed modules or themes. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Greg


You can enable your installed modules here.


and your theme here


You can double check to make sure the modules & theme are really there by navigating to your site modules & themes folder.

/sites/all/modules /sites/all/themes

  • Also very important to check if you have public read access to the folder and files. – J. Reynolds Feb 15 '15 at 14:48

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