I'm running some really long batch process. So in case user navigates away from the batch progress page, I'd like to be able to give him a link that leads back to that page. How can I get the batch ID needed for the batch processing page?

Knowing that batch processing url is something like http://example.com/batch?op=start&id=183 so in theory I could look for the $_GET['id'] inside my batch process function and store that in a session variable but it seems really ugly. Yet I didn't find any way to get the id of the batch that I just started.

It would be really nice if batch_set() would return batch id or would just add it to the batch definition array.

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After batch_set(). Use

$batch =& batch_get();

This contains the information you need.

But I'm not sure you will be able to resume.

  • It's no problem to resume when I navigate to /batch?op=start&id=ID but unfortunately in my case batch_get() returns array without batch ID. If you look at batch_set you'll see that batch id is not being set inside that function. The batch ID is set inside batch_process which is called later and NOT explicitly by my code. Commented Feb 16, 2015 at 20:45

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