I need to edit a field added to my $content variable by a contrib module called Print, email, and PDF versions. It creates a link at the top of the content region that says 'Print PDF' and prints a PDF of the page. I've looked everywhere in the admin settings for the module for this information but can't find it anywhere.

Note: I've tried looking in my DB and trying what I found in there for the field, with no luck. I also tried using var_dump but that doesn't help me. I looked in the print.module file but wasn't seeing anything in there, although to be fair it's quite voluminous so I might have missed something.

I'm trying to access it and hide it through code in node--resource.tpl.php so I can manipulate it independently of the rest of the vars in $content. This is the code I'm using successfully to hide OTHER items in $content for example:

// #nomarkup is a function defined in template.php
$content['field_body']['#theme'] = "nomarkup";

With Firebug, the DOM shows followed by for the PRINT PDF link I want to hide, but neither of those seems to be recognized when I try to hide them using a similar format as the other items in $content, like so:




respectively. I even tried removing the ['#theme'] part but that didn't help.

Anyone know a good way to find the machine name of this variable that seems to have been added to $content but is not showing in admin > content type?


Install the devel module and use dpm($content) to inspect the content variable.

A good place to adjust the contents of a page in your theme is in a preprocess function.

  • You're right about using devel; that helped me find it. Thank you. – Sage Feb 17 '15 at 9:43

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