I have set up a blog using a custom Article content type and a page View with a row style of fields.

I have set up taxonomy terms to label my Article content types as I make them. In my View I have a field for Taxonomy: All Terms, with "Link this field to its term page" checked on. This gives me a listing of the term links displayed for each Article posting. Each of these links go to a page displaying all of the Article(blog) postings labeled with each specific term. (For example I have a term of "Art", and have labeled multiple postings with this. When I click on the term "Art" on any posting this brings be to a page that shows all of the postings labeled with "Art".)

I have the same active Primary Menu "Blog" for my blog page and the Article pages, by using the URL Aliases and Menu Trails modules. The paths that give me an active menu are "sitename/blog", "sitename/blog/article-name", etc. (I tried using the Context module to do this but it didn't work.)

My issue is that I can't figure out what combination of settings I need to give me an active "Blog" primary menu for the Taxonomy term page views of the Article/blog postings. I've tried various settings in Menu Trails, and auto URL aliases, and even tried manually setting the URL alias (to "blog/art", for example) but I can't generate an active primary menu for these taxonomy term pages.

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