Me and a colleague had a D7 problem to handle, $_SESSION were being lost for anonymous users. Because this is all happening on a staging server in a corporate environnment, devel module has been ripped out in preparation for the push to production. My colleague starts inserting var_dumps() in a forms validate function, but the results don't show to screen.

He figures the validation is not being called, but I tell him about how Drupal suppresses output during rendering, I have experienced this many times. Adding a die in the validate function confirmed that the function was in fact being executed, except the question remains -> why / how is output suppressed when echoing / var_dumping in functions?

Debugging with var_dump is probably not the most recommended or effective method, I just want to know what it is that prevents ouptput.

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Usually the var_dump() works but gets hidden below the theme. This is because theme rendering comes last.

I could go into it more, but basically just install Devel and use dpm() for your variable dumps. It prints them in a Drupal-style message. You'll love it.


you'll see it if you exit execution:

var_dump( $your_variable );

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