I have a website that will need an age gateway because it contains content about alcohol. I'm looking for an easy way to do this, without needing to create a custom module because I haven't done any and the deadline is looming.

It would need to redirect to a page gathering age information, and only allow access to the site if >= 21 years old. Specific pages would be exempt.

If anyone knows a module that takes care of this, or has any ideas I'm open to suggestion.

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Please try module Terms of Use . It won't check user age directly but the user has to sign understanding your website terms of service before registration.


I grabbed a module from the OpenBrewery theme and tweaked it to be a yes or no form. Pretty easy.

  • Any idea which module? I just downloaded openbrewery and it doesn't appear to have any modules
    – nexus_6
    Jun 2, 2015 at 11:26

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