I'm working on a Drupal 7 site and I want to achieve similar thing (view blocks with Text Overlay on hover) shown here. http://ibakatv.com/ under the following blocks (sub sections): Basically I would like to show text upon mouse hover just like what is shown on the above website.

  • LATEST MOVIES etc etc

Also, can someone help how to achieve those view blocks with the navigation as listed above? Do you know this was done? I looked at BX Slider, but I'm unable to achieve it.

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Your question appears to be a variation of Create a simple Text over Image Overlay on Hover with Drupal 7 and Views. If you also install/enable the Link module, the node title shown over the image can be a hyperlink to the node also.

Especially this part in it seems to be what you're looking for (be it with some minor variations):

Create a view 'Overlay'. Create a page which shows content of type 'overlay-image'. It shows an unformatted list of fields. Save and edit. On the edit page, add the fields 'Content: Image' and 'Content: Link' to the fields and exclude them from display. For the last field add 'Global: custom text'. In the text field, write: <ul class="img-list"><li>[field_image]<span class="text-content"><span>[field_link]</span></span></li></ul>

Curious to hear if this somehow will help ...

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